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Macro Inc. was incorporated in 1979 in the state of South Carolina, USA and has been in continuous operation since then. Macro is an independent company, not affiliated with any other company or group of companies.


Since 1999, all nuclear fuel manufactured at the Westinghouse Columbia Fuel Fabrication Facility in South Carolina has been gamma scanned, active and passive, on hardware and software provided by Macro Inc.

Since the 1980's, all fuel assemblies manufactured at Westinghouse have been envelope inspected on hardware and software provided by Macro, as well.

Macro has maintained these systems, by Westinghouse purchase order, continuously since that time with 24/7 hardware and software maintenance support. Response time has been guaranteed at 4 hours. There has not been a service failure in that time.

Macro has continually developed and improved the hardware and software of the Westinghouse Columbia site gamma scanners to enhance productivity, meet new fuel inspection requirements and support new rod designs.

Macro provided several MOX passive scanners for the MOX Fuel Fabrication Facility at the US Savannah River Site.

Macro upgraded an NNC Active gamma scanner at the AREVA ANF Lingen site to more than double it's efficiency, reducing the customer's Californium requirements by half.

Macro has worked continually to improve active and passive rod scanners for many years. We understand what is needed. We support them well and the customers are happy with us.


Macro provides full insurance against loss or damage of work in progress and customer equipment in our care, till delivered to the cusomter.


Macro currently has no ISO certification; however for every project a specific Quality Plan is prepared to ISO 10005:2005 standards, and approved by the customer before work commences. The plan fully describes all quality related activities for the project.


Copies of Macro workplace safety and environmental policies are available upon customer request.


The Macro office at 1730 Augusta Road (shown above) supports our maintenance and day to day activities. It is approximately 155 m2 (1700 ft2) with facilities for up to 6 employees and a conference room. Macro has been at this location since 1996.

Macro also has a shop location near the Columbia Metropolitan Airport (CAE) with approximately 280 m2 (3000 ft2)of conditioned space. Light manufacturing (CNC mill, lathe, grinding, welding etc.) and assembly and test of customer equipment are done there.