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Complete Systems

Complete Rod Scanner systems Macro can provide complete rod scanner systems, to customer requirements, including:
  • Gamma Detector Assemblies and electronics
  • Gamma Through Transmission inspection device ("Densitometer")
  • Integration of existing customer inspection devices
  • Equipment cabinet with PLC and HMI panels as desired (PLC brand is customer preference, Profinet field bus is preferred)
  • Fuel Rod barcode label readers (brand is customer preference)
  • Communications with a plant manufacturing system to obtain fuel rod design information, and report scan results.
  • Automatic input/output of fuel rods to plant production systems
  • Manual/Automatic input of test rods, repair rods, calibration standards etc.
  • Manual/Automatic output of test rods, rejected rods, calibration standards etc.
  • Automatic rescanning of fuel rods
  • Complete control and analysis software
  • All required support structures, sensors, motors etc.

Single Rod Pickup
Main Cabinet GA Shown are some elements of a passive gamma rod scanner system Macro designed and is building for a major fuel manufacturer.

When an order is placed, Macro first prepares for customer approval, a project specific Quality Plan that complies with ISO 10005:2005.

Macro then designs the system according to customer specified requirements. This includes Works Acceptance Testing (at Macro site) and Final Acceptance Testing (at customer site) plans.

On approval of the Detailed Design, the system is manufactured and assembled at Macro and the complete range of rod movement functions are tested using dummy fuel rods, with bar codes, the customer supplies. Nuclear functions are tested with surrogate fuel rods provided by Macro.

On satisfactory completion of the agreed upon Works Acceptance Testing Plan, and customer Source Inspection if desired, the system is packed and shipped to the customer site where it is reassembled by Macro.

Final Acceptance Testing is performed at the customer site using customer supplied fuel rods.
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