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Passive Gamma Scanner Demonstration System


Demo System

Shown is a complete Macro passive gamma scanner system, only lacking the material handling system. We use it to demonstrate the simplicity of Macro gamma scanners and to collect data from customer fuel for detailed performance analysis for larger (faster) systems. It illustrates the simplicity of Macro nuclear electronics, available for all gamma scanners: active and passive, MOX or UOX, new or retrofit. Here's a brief description of the items shown:
  1. PC (laptop, desktop or rack mount) collects and collates passive/active gamma data from the detectors (7) for use with existing customer analysis software. Optionally, analysis software (including source codes) meeting your requirements can be provided.
  2. Junction box combines RS-422 serial data from USB Converter (6) with DC power (4) onto the flat cable (5) that connects all KC14/KD14 modules to the computer (1).DC power source 9-36 volts for KC14/KD14 modules, which are hot pluggable.
  3. Flat cable (halogen free) provides all power and computer interface to the KC14/KD14 modules. Both can share the same cable. This is the only cable needed (no coaxial).
  4. USB to RS-422 converter (by FTDI), 3 Mbaud, full duplex, used for up to 32 detectors.
  5. Detector assembly (for UOX fuel) with 4 BGO crystal detectors, fully automatic temperature compensation and electronic calibration. Holds 8 KC14/KD14 modules and PM tubes. Production passive scanners are simply longer, with more detectors on 16 mm centers. Active scanner and MOX detectors are 25% larger, on 22 mm centers.
  6. Sample fuel tube, 9mm diameter, shown for illustration purposes.
KC14/KD14 nuclear electronic modules contain all electronics required for gamma data collection and computer interface. Red and green LEDs show module status (7). They buffer a full fuel rod's worth of data to eliminate data loss. Identical in form and function for all passive and active scanners and densitometers and easily replaced, they make it easy for technicians, even of modest skill and training to understand how gamma scanning is accomplished, and to rapidly diagnose and correct problems. Easy to Understand = Easy to Maintain!