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Detector Assemblies

Compact Detector Assembly
Fig 1. Compact Detector Assembly,
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Macro can provide Detector Assemblies with our latest technology to greatly boost the performance of your existing systems.   Gamma scanners need many detectors to achieve high speed and good sensitivity. The more detectors, the higher the speed and the better the sensitivity.

Detectors are grouped in Detector Assemblies that produce a single, aggregate, profile of 235U gamma rays along the length of the fuel rod. These profiles can be used by your existing qualified analysis software to determine the acceptability of the fuel rod.   Interface to the Detector Assemblies is through standard software function libraries provided for either Windows or Linux based systems.

Fuel rods pass through Detector Assemblies to be scanned. The fuel rods can ride on a continuous belt, or be driven by roller drives.

One or more Detector Assemblies may be used in a gamma scanner, either serially (producing a single aggregate profile), or separately (producing separate profiles) on different paths (channels).
Compact Detector Assembly
Fig 2. Compact Detector Assembly,
demonstration unit 
BGO Scintillation crystal
Fig 3. BGO Scintillation crystal
Macro can also provide Detector Assemblies as part of complete systems complete systems with: Analysis software, material handling and control, and interface to your manufacturing systems.

Macro can provide as little, or as much as you want.
Compact Detector Assembly
Fig 4. Compact Detector Assembly,
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