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NNC type Active Scanner, solid model Macro increases fuel manufacturer profit by improving the throughput and reducing the operating cost of their nuclear fuel rod scanners: Active or Passive, UOX or MOX.

Macro can upgrade existing scanners, or provide entire new ones.   You'll be able to scan:
  • Faster
  • To tighter inspection criteria
  • With fewer false rejects
  • Using less californium (Active scanners)
  • Enjoying greatly reduced maintenance costs and down time

Fuel Assemblies, envelope inspected by Macro hardware and software
Complete Rod Scanner systems Macro provides State of the Art solutions -- as much or little as you want:
  • Complete systems (shown at left) that provide all necessary support, movement, handling and routing of fuel rods through the detector assemblies, densitometer and other inspection instruments. Bar code readers can read fuel rod labels and communicate with the plant manufacturing system to obtain inspection parameters and report fuel rod inspection results. Software collects and analyzes the data from the inspection instruments according to user specified parameters, determines the acceptability of the fuel rod and routes the inspected fuel rod as desired.

    Or just ...

  • Detector Assemblies (shown at right) to collect gamma data (passive or active) and provide raw data profiles that can be analyzed by existing customer software to provide fuel rod inspection results.

Passive Scanner Detector Assembly, 30 detectors
PM Tube and ALL electronics Macro has specifically developed the technology to enable this.

Macro detector assemblies are much smaller (16 mm detector spacing) and more efficient than any others in the market. We do more with less.

Maintenance is greatly simplified - no manual calibrations or adjustements are ever needed. ALL electronics are contained on a single module (shown at left). LED's on each module report problems. Corrective maintenance is by simple module replacement (shown at right). A single flat cable provides all communication and power to the modules. It doesn't get any simpler than that. Free your skilled troubleshooters for other, more difficult work.

Besides making large array passive gamma scanners practical and competitive, Macro technnology enables Active scanner californium usage to be cut in half. Skip your next reload, then use half as much after that.
Passive Scanner Detector Assembly, used for demonstration at customer site